Blue Mystic is a beautiful bud


zxtannagold asked: Yo' Those dabbers are dope as f. (x They look great.


crayandconflicted asked: Oh my goodness, the dabbers you made are absolutely gorgeous :O I mean really beautiful. Congratulations on being damn awesome.

Thank you very much I feel the same way!

im-baked asked: Those dabbers are amazingly beautiful and your blog is lovely :) very much what you see is a lot of my life!

moonstruckmindfuck asked: Oh so totally want a dabber!! They are freaking awesome. So colorful and sexy. Haha.

Hahaha! Thanks!!!send me a address to send it too

biitchesaintshiibuthoesntriicks asked: omg your dabbers are fucking gorg.

Awesome! Thank you!:))

taylopia-will-destroy420-deacti asked: oh my, i love the way you work with glass! those glass dabbers look swerve my friend :3 xox

Thank you:)

keep-calm-and-blaze-on420 asked: Soo cool, can I has one? 🙊

Yep:) just need a address